The Best Dogs For First-Time Owners

Deciding to purchase or adopt a dog and becoming a first-time dog owner can be a mix of excitement and overwhelming anxiety. After all, you are in charge of another life and you need to properly care for it to ensure that your new dog is happy and healthy. It can be a lot of work, but many dog owners will tell you that owning a dog is a very rewarding experience.

One of the most difficult parts of dog ownership, however, is choosing the right dog for you and your family. There are many different dog breeds to choose from  and many things to consider. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best dog for a first-time dog owner:

Choose A Dog That Fits Your Lifestyle- wanting a dog and being able to properly care for a dog are two different things. You should choose a dog that fits your lifestyle and abilities and that you will have time to take care of. Whether you want a lap dog, a high energy dog, a large breed dog, or a lazy dog, the dog you choose should fit your lifestyle. When choosing your first dog, be sure to contact a residential dog training Manchester and ask for recommendations on which dogs are easiest to train and what their temperament is like.

4 Dog Breeds For Beginners

There are many dog breeds to choose from and they typically have predictable energy levels, sizes, appearance and grooming needs. While each dog is different, there are some personality traits associated with the dog breeds. You can use these traits to help you select a dog that fits your family’s needs.

Bichon Frise- this breed is a great all-around companion dog that has a happy demeanor. Bichons are easy to train and adapt well to most lifestyles. They need regular exercise and routine grooming.

Boxer- Boxers are medium-large, high-energy dogs that are very loyal. They require a lot of exercise and they respond well to residential dog training. Boxers are naturally protective of their families, especially children.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- this sweet and affectionate breed has a puppy-like appearance and they are small in size. They don’t require much exercise and their grooming needs are fairly basic. Cavaliers get along well with children of all ages. 

Golden Retriever- the perfect family dog, Golden Retrievers are generally happy, loyal, affectionate and active. They are very smart and adaptable dogs that need regular brushing to keep its coat free of tangles and mats. Golden Retrievers need a good amount of exercise to keep them in good physical condition and prevent them from becoming bored. Residential dog training is essential but not difficult. 

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