Large Dog Breeds That You Should Choose For Your Family

If you are planning to adopt a puppy that will grow into a large-sized dog, then it’s important to choose the right breed. Each breed has unique characteristics, and while some are easier to train than others, residential dog training experts recommend you choose the best one for the whole family.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the easiest to train, large dog breeds that you should choose for your family. Let’s get started:

Rottweiler- if you want a quieter big dog, you should choose a Rottweiler. This breed doesn’t bark and can only “woof”. Compared to other big dogs, Rottweilers aren’t the biggest or the most powerful. Even so, a Rottweiler is acceptable for a guard and working dog. Also, compared to other big breeds like Doberman Pinscher, Rottweilers have a calmer demeanor. With proper training, a Rottweiler can become a great family dog. Regular exercise is needed, but grooming requirements for Rottweilers should be minimal.

Labrador Retriever- Labrador Retrievers can be brown, black or yellow. Labs are known as friendly, versatile and intelligent dogs. They are suitable around other dogs and kids. Labradors are active, large dogs that are suitable for homes with a sizable yard. However, Labrador retrievers do need proper training. This is where a residential dog trainer Manchester can help.

Saint Bernard- a famous rescue breed in the Swiss Alps region, St. Bernard’s are among the heaviest dog, and they are known for their loyalty and intelligence. They need regular exercise and are unsuitable in places with hot climates. Common downsides are regular grooming requirements and non-stop drooling.  

Collie- in North America, Smooth Collies and Rough Collies are considered as the same breed, but treated as separate breeds here in the United Kingdom. Rough Collies are known for their full, gorgeous coat, while Smooth Collies have short hair. With proper training from a residential dog training expert, Collies are suitable for other pets and children. They are intelligent and gentle, but require regular grooming and exercise. Due to their longer hair, Rough Collies need more grooming.

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