Unsafe Pet Toys to Keep Out of the House

Our pets need toys for their entertainment and stimulation. Not only does it help expend their energy, but they also get to hone their hunting and thinking skills! But did you know that there are certain toys they shouldn’t play with?

Before you go ahead and purchase pet toys from Peggasus Pets, find out what to avoid here in this list.

1. Yarn and strings

You’ve probably seen cats play with balls of yarn in movies and shows. It was the gold standard of cat toys before!

However, it isn’t the norm anymore! Yarn and string can be swallowed by cats, especially kittens, and is a common reason why they are sent to the vet for emergencies. The same goes with rope toys, which may seem fun, but should be avoided.

The linear foreign bodies may result in gastrointestinal blockages. Worst case scenario is that swallowed string or yarn ends up being attached to your cat’s insides, sawing through their intestinal wall. Besides that, they are a choking hazard and can wrap around your cat’s neck or limbs, causing your cat to panic to the point they can’t breathe.

2. Squeaky toys

Sure, it’s cute watching your dog’s amusement with squeaky toys, but these are actually a choking hazard.

Rubber toys would have small plastic mechanisms in them so they squeak, making it a health risk to your pet. For dogs, it’s natural instinct for them to keep chewing on these toys until they can get those small squeak mechanisms out. This may cause them to accidentally ingest that mechanism, causing choking, especially in puppies.

3. Rawhides

Rawhides are a common toy and treat for dogs, but they end up causing problems. If you have a dog that chews on rawhide bones without eating them, then they are relatively safe. But if they like to chew off large pieces, particularly the end pieces, then they are very dangerous.

If ingested, rawhide will absorb water, swelling in the stomach. This will then grow larger to the point it can’t pass through the intestines. Foreign body surgery will be required to remove the large chunks of rawhide, which has you spend a lot of time and money, with the risk of post-surgery problems.

4. Household objects

While you might want to save and use household objects to use as toys, certain objects shouldn’t be used. Avoid giving pets your ties or twist ties, which can be easily ingested. Anything that poses a choking hazard and contains harmful chemicals should be avoided, such as bracelets, glass objects, small items, plastic bags, and the like.

Children’s toys may be a good choice, but avoid stuffed toys, which have beady eyes that your pet might chew off and swallow. Plus, they may contain poly-fil, which is dangerous or deadly if swallowed.

Wrapping It Up

Make sure that you avoid playing with your pets using the toys above for their safety. Now, you can go shopping for their favorite toys!

Jessica Stone

Jessica is a passionate pet lover and veterinarian with over 15 years of experience. Her blog serves as a reliable source for pet health advice, ranging from preventive care to handling emergencies.