Things to avoid during traveling with pet

Vacation is synonymous with long distance travel. Planning for any kind of travel is a tough work whatever the circumstance is. And if you are carrying your pet with you, then it is more stressful. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the thought of having such vacation trips that we overlook certain important things which should be taken care of.

In this article we are going to point out such unintended consequences that should be avoided while traveling with pets. You can become a savvy pet owner and can be able to make the ride memorable for both you and your pet.

Let us look forward to the following tips to avoid misfortunes during traveling:

  1. Avoid taking your pet unrestrained to the vehicle. Don’t let your pet sit in the front seat of the car and don’t allow your pet to get it’s head out of the car’s window.
  2. Don’t forget your pet alone in a locked car in the parking lot. Not even with the air conditioner on, if accidentally the vehicle engine fails, the vehicle becomes extremely suffocating. Moreover, don’t forget about the thieves who can probably target to steal your pet.
  3. Avoid taking your pet to the venues that don’t allow pets like indoor restaurants, dining establishments, museums, theme parks, caverns and so on. Otherwise, you may face several inconveniences and you may need to cancel your trip.
  4. Avoid taking your pet off-leash in the restricted areas. Unleashing your pet can put your pet at risk due to oncoming cars, bikes or any other vehicles.
  5. Don’t choose any kind of unusual activities that can make your pet uncomfortable. Such as if there is any option, try not to take your pet to any crowded area. You should take it to a state park getaway rather than any crowded downtown excursion.
  6. Don’t forget to take an appointment with a licensed vet before going for vacation. You should ask for your vet’s advice even if the travel destination is near to your home. Ask if there is any requirement of immunization and preventive vaccinations should be done before boarding. Ask for special travel medications and how to deal with your pet’s nausea and stress diarrhea during travel. Don’t forget to gather updated medical prescriptions and vaccination records signed by an accredited veterinarian as you may need them while transporting your pet .
    1. Don’t use tranquilizers on your pet if the animal is not healthy enough. Otherwise, the sedatives may affect differently because of other medications you have already given to your pet because of other health reasons.
    2. Don’t transport your pet via airlines or cargo holds if it is less than 8 weeks old and not properly weaned. Under-developed respiratory systems may be proven life threatening to your canine baby.
    3. Don’t not plan to travel by airlines with your brachycephalic breeds pets. Those push nosed animals may face breathing problems and heart strokes due to high altitude air pressure in the cargo holds.
    4. Don’t go for a vacation without your pet’s travel kit that must contain food supplements, certain medications, bottled water, waste bags, litter boxes, folding food bowls, heat and ice bags, grooming supplies, first aid itemsĀ  etc.
    5. Don’t drive uninterruptedly while your pet is with you. Driving constantly without taking breaks can make your pet uncomfortable. Take frequent breaks and get your pet uncaged for a few times and allow it stroll or litter.
    6. Don’t overfeed your pet just before boarding. It may cause nausea to your pet due to motion after immediate eating.
    7. Avoid letting your pet drink from roadside stalls or tap. Carry bottled water for your pet. Moreover, don’t give your pet too much water to drink before departure. It may create an urge to pee frequently that won’t be possible while you are flying. In case of emergency you can put a litter box inside your pet’s crate.
    8. Don’t go out without attaching a proper travel tag to your pet. If you are traveling internationally or domestically by plane, there is a possibility of getting separated from your pet for a long time. To avoid any kind of unpleasant experience you must arrange a 15digit coded special microchipped ID and that should be inserted to the animal before traveling.
    9. Try not to travel in weather extremes. Flights that are suitable for you cannot be comfortable for your pet during summer and winter. Also, avoid the holiday season for traveling when you have a pet with you. Too much rush in schedule can cause mishandling of your pet in the cargo holds.
Jessica Stone

Jessica is a passionate pet lover and veterinarian with over 15 years of experience. Her blog serves as a reliable source for pet health advice, ranging from preventive care to handling emergencies.