Opening A Pet Shop: The Necessary Requirements

If you have a passion for the animal world, opening a shop dedicated to your four-legged friends is the ideal business.

According to the tenth edition of the Assalco-Zoomark report, there are as many as 60 million pets living in Italian homes; consequently the market that revolves around the so-called pets, in particular the pet food sector, has a turnover of almost 2 billion euros dog grooming Winter Haven      

In this article we will discover the process to open a pet shop , the necessary requirements and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the franchise.

Pet shop: what choice to make

Before discovering the bureaucratic procedure for opening a pet shop, we need to understand what type of business we want to open: in fact, we can choose to open a pet food and accessories shop, or a shop for the sale of live animals.

If we simply want to open a pet food and accessories store , we don’t need any particular requirements to open the business: in fact, pet food is no longer considered as “food”, so there are no necessary dog grooming Winter Haven

The case of the sale of live animals is different : to carry out the activity, authorizations and a precise procedure will be needed. First of all, health authorization

will be required from the mayor, who will issue it on the opinion of the veterinary service.

Furthermore, the premises intended for sale must be for exclusive use and other activities such as grooming will not be permitted; they must be equipped with toilets, warehouses and a sales room.

The animals must be kept in cages or boxes that can be washed and disinfected quickly, with a space dedicated to the animals proportional to size, breed, age.

The documentation to be sent to the mayor also includes two copies of the floor plan of the premises, copies of the distribution inside the premises and of the containment equipment for the animals; all the animal species present in the shop must be described .

The documentation must be presented to the production activities desk of the municipality, which will examine the documents and forward the request to the veterinary services of the ASL.

To open a pet shop, you need to register for VAT : the reference Ateco code according to 47.76.20, “Retail trade of small pets” or 47.76, “Retail trade of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers, pets, pet food in specialized establishments”.

After the VAT number, the activity must be registered in the Company Register of the relevant Province and the Scia must be sent to the municipality; in the event that you start a business selling live animals, you will need a document certifying your eligibility for sale and attendance of an Ical course.

Jessica Stone

Jessica is a passionate pet lover and veterinarian with over 15 years of experience. Her blog serves as a reliable source for pet health advice, ranging from preventive care to handling emergencies.