Dietary Feeding Strategies For Kittens And Cats

If you’re a pet lover you will be aware that the dogs and cats have completely separate nutritional needs and should not be confused. Cats particularly have particular needs within their diet here are a few that you might not know.

Overfeeding is a very common issue is that individuals think their cats are extremely thin. Cats should be lean, so make certain you allow it the quantity of food required. An over-all rule is the fact that the cat needs about ½ ounce of food for each pound of their bodyweight. So a typical 8lb cat without any special nutritional needs only requires 4 ounces of cat food.

In addition to not over feeding, it is crucial that you simply feed your cat a high quality food. These ought to be high in minerals and vitamins and never packed with chemicals and additives that the pet does not need.

An important component inside your cats meals are the amino acidity Taurine. Unlike humans and dogs, cats are not able to synthesize it for mother sources, so it needs to be contained in their food. It’s so vital that if it’s missing using their diet your cat can be cultivated a significant eye ailment that can result in blindness.

Cats That Dont Shed also require a steady way to obtain Vit A. Other animal simply synthesize this vitamin for caratenoids, but cats are not able to get this done therefore we need to ensure they have it within their food.

Just one way of providing them with Vit A is as simple as providing them with raw liver to consume, however many cats, as well as their proprietors, tend not to do that. The easiest method to make certain that the cat has all of the Vit A they should get is to include a tiny bit of cod liver fish oil for their feed. This can be done daily or perhaps a couple of occasions per week.

Jessica Stone

Jessica is a passionate pet lover and veterinarian with over 15 years of experience. Her blog serves as a reliable source for pet health advice, ranging from preventive care to handling emergencies.