Black French bulldog and a little history: what should you know?

The black breed is believed to have emerged around the year 1800. Despite having emerged in France, it was England that popularized the breed, sending copies across Europe. Sometime later, the breed arrived on the American continent, first in the United States. From the North Americans it gained the famous nickname of “bat ears”, for its characteristic ears that point upwards. They are loved for their docility and calm.

How to take care of yours

However, if you are thinking about getting a French bulldog puppy, you know that he needs some care, just like when he grows up. The first thing, of utmost importance, is to provide the vaccination schedule for your French bulldog puppy. Without it, his health is at risk for the rest of his life. The first doses your French bulldog puppy will need to take are V-8 or V-10. This vaccine is mandatory for the first few months of the dog’s life. Your puppy’s veterinarian will probably also provide the anti-rabies vaccine. After that, just follow the schedule proposed by the veterinarian. The dog will need to undergo vaccinations annually to stay healthy.

Keep him out of excess temperature

Also, know that the black fluffy French bulldogs for sale is a breed that does not tolerate high temperatures very well. Thus, it is important that you have in your home with airy places, where air circulates. If you live in a house that has a farm, perfect. Nevertheless, if you have your French bulldog puppy in a house without a yard or apartment, it is always recommended to reserve a place for your dog near windows and balconies, where the air circulates better.

Keep an eye on him

Another factor is that French bulldog puppy has a tendency to accumulate dirt in the wrinkles that are located on the snout and around the tail. The tip here is always carefully clean these parts with a moistened tissue or cloth and dry well. The accumulation of dirt in these charming and famous Bulldogs wrinkles can end up facilitating the emergence of fungi in the place. 

Prone to skin infection: keep him clean

Some Bulldogs may also have a tendency to develop ear problems, usually ear infections. In this case, the ears and the outer part of the ear must be constantly cleaned with a flexible cotton swab. If you notice any strange problems in your dog’s ears, do not administer any type of medication. Take your pet to an appointment with a veterinarian. Only this professional is qualified to indicate medications or treatments.

It gains weight: practice daily exercise

Another little problem with French bulldogs is that they are too fond of a couch or a nap. As bulldogs have a tendency to gain weight, excessive weight becomes something of concern for these dogs. This is because they have short legs and developed trunk muscles. Excess weight can then harm the legs and especially the spine of your French bulldog puppy. To solve this typical sedentary lifestyle, there is no other way. The best way is to put the little animal to exercise. Do not pull the tab if this happens. Wait a while for the animal to rest and gently make it walk again. Over time, he will get used to it and will enjoy the constant walks.

Jessica Stone

Jessica is a passionate pet lover and veterinarian with over 15 years of experience. Her blog serves as a reliable source for pet health advice, ranging from preventive care to handling emergencies.