Common aspects to consider while choosing the Right Shelter Dog

Choosing a dog breed to adopt is not always an easy task. After all, it is necessary to consider a series of characteristics of each pet, so that you can offer a better quality of life to it. However, do you know how to choose the right shelter dog? To help you with that, we have prepared a complete guide on some types of breed groups that you might eventually want to adopt. Although choosing the right breed is a very important step, we cannot forget about some steps before that. It will be essential that you understand your environment, your lifestyle, your home and your intentions with the dog. When we are in the phase of adopting a puppy, we often only pay attention to cute and cool details. When you adopt a dog, your life will change. 

How to choose the ideal shelter dog

Choosing the ideal shelter dog breed is a process that not just depends on the cuteness factor. It is necessary to consider a number of other aspects. Of course, adopting a dog is far from a problem. Quite the contrary: it is a solution. Mainly because of the fact that today, we still live a very sad reality regarding stray dogs and animal abandonment. Think that by adopting a dog, you are no longer just dealing and taking care of your own life. You will also be dealing and taking care of the pet’s life.


Discuss with your family members first. Take opinions and decide on a shelter dog breed. 


After deciding on a breed, gather as much information as possible. There must be a god relationship.


Visit the shelters. See the breeds. Ask if you have any doubts. Find out about their background. Is the dog friendly or seeing temperament? Is it a trained dog? Is it a good companion? Does it have health issues?


Now that you have chosen your dog, observe his behavior, reactions, characteristics, etc. Shelters are stressful places for dogs. The dog might bark so much but he will be calm and joyful once find a new home.

Dog for apartment or house

Before you even go looking for the most affectionate, calm, playful or energetic breed, it is essential that you take a few steps back to understand the environment itself. Your dog will obviously live in your house. You need to understand that each race will develop and behave better in certain environments. An apartment is very different from a one-story house. If you are looking for a dog to live with you in an apartment, know that you will need to take him for a walk quite often. The physical space may limit the mental health of the animal. For those who live in a house, with a large patio, the options are numerous. Larger spaces and large patios are usually great for dogs to have more freedom to run and spend energy. 

Now you know the first step in finding the ideal dog breed for you: your own home. You cannot offer risks or limit the animal’s freedom.

Jessica Stone

Jessica is a passionate pet lover and veterinarian with over 15 years of experience. Her blog serves as a reliable source for pet health advice, ranging from preventive care to handling emergencies.