Cats, Vikings and Witchcraft

The Vikings certainly loved cats. In Norwegian and Iceland cats were very popular. Regrettably for that cats, the folks of Norwegian saw no value inside a living cat it had been the fur they absolutely admired. The fox couldn’t contend with the kitty. The Norwegian king Magnus Mire, what the law states-mender (1238 – 1280) passed legislation declaring cat fur as legal currency. One bit of cat fur was equal to three bits of fox fur.

Cat fur was quite valuable. Just the wealthy can afford this luxury. Now in fact, the Volvas were one of the upper classes. A Volva would be a lady who had been an expert of prediction and witchcraft. The Volvas were greatly respected and feared. Their professional services were very popular, but very costly.

Within the Saga of Eric the Red, a Volva is described in great detail. She’d been called to assist the settles of Greenland throughout their difficulty. She was known as Lisevolve and she or he was treated just like a queen. The garments she used are described lower towards the last detail within the saga. On her behalf mind she used a hat trimmed with cat skin. Her mitts were created of cat skin which in fact had fluffy white-colored cat fur inside.

Now in fact, the goddess of affection seemed to be an expert of magic and witchcraft. Her name was Freyja. Not one other god or goddess mastered witchcraft much better than Freyja. She was the most amazing goddess from the Viking world. The goddess of affection and magic were built with a stunning carriage. Yes, you suspected it. The carriage was pulled by two cats.

Volvas from the human world, loved to decorate track of clothes produced from cat skin and cat fur. Freyja, the goddess of affection and magic was connected with two cats. It appears the inclination to affiliate cats with witchcraft was well-established within the Viking Age. Cats certainly happen to be unfairly prosecuted through the centuries within the Civilized World. Fortunately major areas of mankind have started to their senses and therefore are finally treating cats using the respect and love they deserve.

Jessica Stone

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